Trading Cycles Exposed by Price Action

The E-mini S&P operates in trading cycles. Periods of volatility are meet with periods of stagnation. When there is considerable rise, the market will eventually stall and drop. In this webinar, John Paul discusses how to anticipate these conditions and what to do when they occur. He advises trading when the ATR (Average True Range) is between one and four points. Generally, these conditions occur within the first 2.5 hours of the day.

Be careful when trading at the end of the day. Traders are squeezed out of positions near the close of the session. A rise in volatility is also common at the close.

As seen in the video, the Atlas Line’s backend for NinjaTrader 8 is straightforward. You can set an alert sound that plays when a signal fires. You can set the market’s open time. This is the basis for the software’s internal calculation. There are a few different types of signals provided. There are regular Long and Short trades as well as S (Strength) and P (Pullback) trades. The goal is to manage each trade with a variety of exit strategies (profit and loss).

The news indicator for NinjaTrader 8 provides noteworthy financial news directly on the chart. Watch for high-priority events for countries that are related to the market you’re trading.

Roadmap Software vs. Trading Cycles

One great way to determine when cycles may start or end is to use the Roadmap software. Trending days typically occur back-to-back. Switch to a daily or hourly chart to see how long the candles are (red or green) and look for groups of three or more candles.

The Mentorship Program gives you an opportunity to work directly with John Paul. Learn all of his trading methods, from the revised ATO 2 strategy to the Roadmap and the Blueprint trade. Students receive about 10 different strategies taught live. You will receive all trading courses and software with lifetime licenses. You will learn from recent charts, including the current day.

ATO 2 (At the Open) Day Trading Course

John Paul from DayTradeToWin released a video showing his new ATO 2 software for NinjaTrader 8. In the video, you can see four consecutive days of winning signals. The goal of the ATO (At the Open – see a review here) is to go for over two points every day and be done by noon. The software and underlying strategy is based on price action. This means no complex equations, indicators, or tricky rules. No guesswork is involved. You fully learn how to find the trades on your own. Most traders prefer to use the automated signals.

What about the trades? Well, when you see an ATO Short signal, this means price is expected to drop and it’s time to place a trade. Similarly, ATO Long signals expect price to rise. The software generates these signals to allow enough time for you to use the SuperDOM or Chart Trader to place a trade. Four days of the E-mini are reviewed. Yes, the E-mini is the recommended market for the ATO method.

Notice the ATO-C signals. These are Trade Chaser signals. Think of them as follow-up trades that you can take later to possibly recover from earlier market activity or add to existing wins. Do not expect many trades beyond noon, US/Eastern. By that time, the market usually slows down. In the afternoon, you can use another strategy such as the Atlas Line, Trade Scalper, or others taught in Mentorship.

Like other strategies taught by DayTradeToWin, the ATR (Average True Range) determines the risk and reward. In the course and included live training, you will learn how to easily determine where to place the profit target and stop loss. Trading is risky. Only trade with money that you can afford to lose.

What’s Included With the ATO?

Two bonuses are included with purchase of the day trading course: the How to Trail a Stop video and the ABC software for NinjaTrader 8. Yes, the ABC software provides entry signals. The ABC is a nice addition because the method can find additional trades in the afternoon. Of course, expect the same highly reviewed support, optional remote installation assistance, and a training video for the ATO strategy itself.

NinjaTrader 8 Day Trading Indicators

NinjaTrader 8 has been out for a while. Now that the platform has proven its stability, many traders are making the switch from NinjaTrader 7. After installing NinjaTrader 8, you may be surprised to find a few differences. Firstly, the platform defaults to a dark color, straying from the grey look of version 7. In addition, the Control Center’s menus have been rearranged. Instead of managing data feeds and accounts via Tools > Account Connections, use Connections > Configure. Rolling over contracts is handled by Tools > Database Management with designated buttons. Rolling over is much easier now. Indicators are now imported via Tools > Import > NinjaScript Add-On. Like the previous version, the main features of the platform such as charts, SuperDOMs, Strategy Analyzer, etc. are in the New menu.

Navigating around menus, opening charts, and multitasking within the platform may seem a bit snappier, too. That’s because the NinjaTrader 8 uses multithreading to distribute various tasks to system processors. Market data is more precise. Data is delivered at sub-second intervals. Also, historical bid/ask data is is now stored with each last trade tick. If supported by your broker, the long-awaited MIT (Market-If-Touched) orders feature will place an order if price touches a specific value. In total, NinjaTrader claims there are over 500 enhancements.

NinjaTrader 8 – Best Indicators

DayTradeToWin’s trading indicators is now entirely compatible with NinjaTrader 8. Yes, you can use the Atlas Line, At the Open (ATO), Trade Scalper, ABC, News, Multilines, and Roadmap. Most of the indicators have been updated/enhanced in some way. In addition, the default colors have been tested to work with both light and dark charting themes. The recorded webinar shows John Paul using the indicators with real-time data. New clients will automatically receive the new versions. Clients with active licenses who wish to upgrade may email DayTradeToWin’s support team for assistance.

DayTradeToWin has been in the educational day trading industry for over 10 years. They’ve seen popular trading systems come and go, trading schools disappear, and brokers implode. It’s a regulated, demanding industry. Their expertise can help your trading. The day trading courses and systems are designed for beginners as well as advanced traders. Every few weeks, you have the opportunity to join a new eight-week coaching class. This class is called Group Mentorship. It teaches you price action fundamentals. Over 10 strategies are included. Latest E-mini Scalping Video

One way to reach people who are interested in becoming day traders is to conduct live webinar presentations. A live webinar gives you the opportunity to sit in front of a real-time chart and see the same candles/bars plot and get the same signals as though you were really day trading for income. Of course, there are some differences, but overall, the feeling is very much the same. Getting an understanding of a trading platform like NinjaTrader can be intimidating. However, the learning curve is lessened with the live training and customer support from

There are two main ways you can approach day trading: figure it out on your own by trial and error or by paying for education. The former is very costly. The market will eat up your money, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. In addition, the only time you have to play with the market is when you’re trading with live, real funds. You won’t be able to get any good real-time practice in. Instead, offers a real-time learning environment with the NinjaTrader software. You can practice with real-time charts as though you’re trading with a real account. No money or risk is involved. Also, you’ll get to learn a few trading methods that will help you stay objective. Trading School

Live webinars provide beginners and advanced traders alike a way to gauge the style and performance of a trader who is offering his or her products. Take a look at this recent live webinar conducted by John Paul of You will see that he makes an effort to answer all of the questions in the room and provides honest answers. In fact, he even says he prefers trading 5-min charts over scalping and using 1-min charts. For him, bigger moves and fewer trades are better. However, every trader is not the same. You might find that you prefer taking more trades with smaller profit targets. That’s one of the reasons he provides the Trade Scalper course.

What’s the best way to become a professional trader?’s Mentorship Program. In Mentorship, you receive all the courses and software with lifetime licenses. You’ll learn over 10 strategies. Training is twice a week for eight weeks. You have direct, live access to your teacher during the lessons. Afterwards, you can email him with any of your trading questions. The support team can also assist with installation of the materials. There’s no other program on the market like it, and the testimonials and longevity of the company speak volumes.

Learn to Day Trade – Great Summer Trading Ahead

Day Trade to Win is one of the top day trading educators in the industry. Their coaching programs and educational courses are suitable for all experience levels. The next eight-week class begins April 11, 2017 This class focuses on learning 10 or so unique price action trading methods. In addition, this special class will cover the unique market behavior investors are expecting this summer as well as how to manage manipulation. This new class will occur on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. The beginning of 2017 was a great time to trade, and many more opportunities are expected throughout the year. Now is the time to learn to day trade!

On the first week of class, students learn the At the Open (ATO) strategy. This method focuses on finding a breakout in the E-mini S&P market. That means looking for a specific pattern of candles that exceed a specific range value. The second week, training focuses on the Price Action Scalping method. This strategy uses a 250-tick chart to look for small moves in a fast market. From there, students move on to more advanced strategies like the Trade Scalper, Atlas Line, Blueprint, Roadmap, and much more.

Learn to Day Trade

Learn to day trade

Nearly anyone who has spent a small amount of time researching trading methods can say how saturated the space is with junk indicators and false claims. Even indicators that are said to work over a long period of time eventually need to be optimized. Expensive trading rooms require hefty monthly subscription fees. Isn’t it better to go with a program offered by a long-standing company that is one price, comes with a payment plan, and teaches you how to trade independently? Yes. What about a class that is recorded so that you can play back the classes later as a refresher or in case you missed a class? Yes again. What about answering questions live in the training and email support afterwards? Yes, this is also included. For many, Mentorship is a no-brainer.

Another thing that sets Day Trade to Win apart from other vendors is the live trading practice environment. At no cost, NinjaTrader is provided along with live data. Students practice using real-time charts as though they’re using real money. NinjaTrader tracks performance and produces reports. Students can gauge success with these reports to better understand how they may perform with a funded account.

John Paul, founder of Day Trade to Win and lead instructor has said: “If you’re going to become a pro trader, you need the same tools and the same ideas as a pro trader. That’s what I provide. In eight weeks time, you’re going to learn everything I have to share about the markets. Nothing is held back. You’ll know how to find multiple trades, exactly where and how to place each trade, and how to manage yourself day to day in the markets.”

Know What to Expect

Remember that no trading strategy is 100% profitable. You will experience losses and you will be exposed to significant loss. Therefore, you should speak to a broker and a financial professional to make sure trading is right for you. As with any type of investment or trading, past performance is not an indication of future performance.

If you want to learn to day trade seriously, be sure to register for Mentorship early. Class size is limited to ensure a more personalized experience for each student. Normally, students submit the deposit up front. This provides access to the first week’s course right away. On or before the first day of class, the first of two recurring payments is billed. Then about 30 days later, the final payment is billed. Some students opt to pay for the course in full before it begins. This provides access to all the course materials right away. Remember that the support staff can assist with installing the materials and setting up the software within NinjaTrader.

Trading Software – Understand the Fast Way

Are you looking for the fastest way to become a day trader and learn trading software? We’ve uncovered a few tricks that will speed up the learning process and decrease the learning curve. Watch the video to see how John Paul, from uses the Trade Scalper method to win two trades in real-time.

Firstly, unless you’re visiting the website of an official broker or commercial trading platform, be VERY careful as the industry is riddled with get rich quick schemes. The truth is, like anything, you will need to practice. Fortunately, there’s a trading platform that let’s you practice at your own pace on your own free time. That platform, or trading software, is called NinjaTrader.

With NinjaTrader, you can use a feature called Market Replay to download and play back market data as though it’s happening live, in the moment. This brings you as close to trading live markets as possible without risking any real money. This experience is priceless. Most importantly, you can get NinjaTrader for free. There are may free resources for learning NinjaTrader. For now, we recommend NinjaTrader 7 and eventually switching over to NinjaTrader 8.

Trading Software & Real-time Data

Now that we’ve gotten the basic trading software out of the way, you need to know what you’re doing with the chart that’s in front of you. One way is to sit there and guess at what the market may do next. That’s a bad, expensive idea. You may get lucky, but to be successful in the long term, you don’t want to stake your livelihood on luck. You’ll want something that has been proven to work long-term.

This is where a well-documented company like comes in. They do not guarantee any performance. By the way, no trading company should guarantee performance because it will be against regulations to do so. Instead, they stand behind their products. Over 300 videos are offered on the website going back to 2009. Many of the videos show show real-time trades and testimonials from real traders. They include free customer support and live training with each purchase. Very few vendors, if any, can match Day Trade to Win in its long-term approach to ensuring the success of traders.

Day Trading Coach – Become a Pro in 8 Weeks

Day Trading CoachA day trading coach is an excellent way to expedite the learning process normally associated with becoming a professional trader. Without expert help, one can find himself giving the markets far too much money, too quickly. Instead, a measured approach under the guidance of an instructor is a better idea. The next Group Mentorship class from begins May 30, 2017. Read more about the Mentorship Program and sign up here.

Day Trade to Win’s Mentorship Program provides traders with a complete environment for practicing and learning the art of trading. There are many vendors out there that promise to show valuable strategies. In reality, the classes are designed to show you very little and wanting more. Rest assured that John Paul, lead trading coach, actually teaches rules for placing trades.

Firstly, you are taught to recognize whether a trade actually exists. This is usually a specific pattern of candles on the chart (all methods are based on price action). Next, once a trader is confirmed, check if the market is tradeable. This could be as simple as checking the ATR (Average True Range) value to see if it’s within one to four points. You may also check against other strategies for additional confirmation.

Once a trade is confirmed valid, it’s a matter of deciding the profit target and stop loss. The profit target is also calculated using the ATR. This keeps the profit within a reasonable level of what the market may actually achieve. The stop loss, too, uses the ATR. At first, double the ATR defines the catastrophic stop. In most cases, a smaller stop is hit first, such as the time-based or one that’s unique to the strategy you’re trading.

In total, you’ll learn about 10 different price action strategies over the course of eight weeks. All of the courses and software are provided. This includes the ATO (At the Open), Price Action Scalping, Trade Scalper, Atlas Line, Roadmap, Blueprint, Yo-Yo, Stair Step, ABC, and much more. Training is twice a week. Each class is an hour long. Remote support is provided to assist with installation.

Day Trading Coach – Group vs. Individual Mentorship

  • Group is with other traders, not one-on-one, so it goes at the pace of the class; not so much the individual. If you want individualized attention, Individual Mentorship may be a better fit.
  • Group is at specific times. Like Individual, if you miss a class, you can replay it. If your availability changes regularly, Individual Mentorship may suit better.
  • Questions can only be typed in the live Group training room – there’s no VOIP or microphone chat. If you prefer talking directly with the day trading coach, Individual Mentorship is the best option.


Price Action Trading – E-mini Battles

It’s 9:30 a.m. US/Eastern time. Prime time for price action trading. Anything can happen. Your strategies are locked and loaded. It’s just you and the market. Price action, and you have an exact plan regardless of what happens. You know what to look for – what candle patterns will trigger the entry, what your stop loss should be, and how to manage every aspect of the trade. Volatility is good – the ATR (Average True Range) is between two and four points. Will the market trend? Will it chop? Only time will tell, and of course, price.

If the market decides to trend, what can go wrong? Price continues to climb. You become increasingly confident. You place multiple trades. In fact, on the third market buy, you decide to increase the contract quantity. Technically, it’s higher risk, but who cares – who could blame you when conditions are this favorable? This is an example of emotional trading. Price decides it’s streak of reaching higher highs is over. A reversal happens, but you’re in long. Expecting a reversal back to the original long direction, you follow the rules and stay in. Sadly, price does what it sometimes will – it goes against you. The stop is hit. It’s a considerable loss. Were you too emotional? What could you do better? You see, even trending markets can beat the best of us.

John Paul Handles Trick Price Action Trading

The E-mini S&P is a decisive battleground. Each day at battle, there will only be one victor, you or the market. Watch the video to see how John Paul battles the E-mini.

It’s another new day. Another chance at big market wins on the E-mini S&P. As before, you’re systems are at your command. Each is a refined instrument of technical precision, analysis, and price action. The market’s volatility is tradeable. A signal appears – all systems go. You enter short. Price drops the first minute, continues for the next four. Excellent – after the first five-minute candle, you’re within three ticks of reaching the profit target. Just a little further. Suddenly, the market reverses. You have to stick to the rules. Wait it out – maybe it will turn back. No such luck. Price stops you out.

At this point, you’re skeptical of the market and want to wait for a bit. Over the next hour, you see price trade within a range/channel. Price never escapes three points in either direction. How can anyone trade this? It’s about winning the war, not the battle. Look at your performance across weeks, a months, multiple months. Be objective.

Contract Rollover for NinjaTrader Explained

Four times a year, traders of CME Group Equity Index futures (E-mini traders), must roll over to a new contract period. The contract rollover always occurs in the same months: March, June, September, and December. The actual rollover date is a little trickier to figure out. You may have heard the rule, “Rollover is always on the second Thursday.” This is incorrect. For example, the roll date in Sep. 2017 is the seventh, the first Thursday of the month. The best way to find the roll date is to simply look on the CME website here.

The next E-mini rollover is March 9, 2017.

Traders may roll to the next contract at any time. However, the tradition is perform contract rollover eight days before the current period expires. This date is known as the roll date. Many traders will trade the market with the most volume. Click here to check nearly real-time volume levels across multiple contract periods. Even on roll over day, the old contract often has more volume than the new contract.

Platforms such as NinjaTrader have popups to remind traders of roll dates. TradeStation, for example, has a continuous contract feature that allows traders to go back in time without adjusting the contract period. This is useful for backtesting strategies. In NinjaTrader, you can simply leave old contract periods active and easily switch among them via the drop-down list at the top of the chart.

Contract Rollover Instructions

1. In NinjaTrader 7’s Control Center, go to Tools > Instrument Manager.

E-mini Contract Rollover 1

2. In the name box, type in the name of the market to roll over, i.e. “ES” without quotes > Click Search.

E-mini Contract Rollover 2

3. In the search result list, click the market to roll over. For ES, only one market should appear. The selection should be highlighted blue.

E-mini Contract Rollover 3

4. If rolling over on or after the roll date, the next contract period should be selected in the Expiry drop-down. If rolling over early, simply select the next contract period.

E-mini Contract Rollover 4

5. Add the new contract period to the instrument list by clicking the left arrow button.

E-mini Contract Rollover 5

6. The new ES XX-XX market should now be in the instrument list. Click the OK button. This new contract period should now be available when opening a new chart or switching between instruments in the top-left drop-down of each chart.

E-mini Contract Rollover 6

Trading Indicators – Price Action Goes Beyond

Over seven years from the launch of the website and thousands of traders helped, DayTradeToWin is still be the leading educational resource for aspiring and veteran traders. First, it was the ATO strategy (At the Open), a trading system that provides entries based on the initial morning breakout move in the E-mini S&P. To this day, this strategy is still taught (only now made exclusive to the Mentorship Program). From there, software was created to identify the ATO trades automatically. Programmed for NinjaTrader, the ATO indicator can pinpoint the exact price and direction for traders to follow. Unlike other vendors who focus on trading indicators, DayTradeToWin’s products focus on price action.

Price Action Scalping, a new strategy, was frequently paired with the ATO. Using 250-tick charts, the Price Action Scalping method is now also found exclusively in Mentorship. The goal is taking multiple, small trades to increase one’s profit throughout the day. This strategy is accompanied by the TickCounter, a sister of the BarTimer indicator. The TickCounter indicates how many ticks are left in the current plotting candle (and thus how many ticks until the next candle begins).

Next, the Atlas Line was created. The Atlas Line remains as one of the most popular trading systems in the market, providing hundreds of traders with signals on a daily basis. The proprietary method was developed by John Paul to assist institutional traders. It was later adapted to NinjaTrader indicator software for the common retail trader. The version seen today calls out long and short trades, pullback and strength trades, all while confirming the direction the market is expected to take. One of the reasons why DayTradeToWin continues to be successful is the emphasis on teaching. A live training tclass is included with all courses and software.

There’s More to It than Trading Indicators

The Trade Scalper came later, providing another way to scalp considering market trends. The Trade Scalper indicator is advanced in the way it plots horizontal and vertical lines, letting traders know upcoming opportunities where a scalp setup may occur. Again, the goal of scalping is to rack up multiple winning trades. With a profit target ranging from two to four ticks per trade, and a maximum stop loss of six ticks, this strategy is designed for accuracy. Of course, the rules are fully explained in the digital manual and the live training.

Last but most inclusive, we have the Mentorship Program. It’s offered in two packages: the Group Mentorship and Individual. Group puts you in a room with other traders who want to learn how to apply price action daily to trading charts in order to be consistently successful. Individual Mentorship offers the same content, only it’s more flexible – you pick the class times and you can speak directly with John Paul through Skype. It’s the best way to learn everything and receive all the content through eight weeks of live training. Forget about the traditional trading indicators – it’s time for price action!