Understanding the Price Action Software Signals: Get and Learn

Price Action

Check out our recent video about the quality of Price Action Technology Signals, Atlas Line and ATO 2. In the video, John Paul applies a5-minute E-mini S&P 500 map to the two price action indicators. John Paul sees the signals for the first day, along with the other people. The signal from the Atlas Line seems to be a winner.

Price moved up after the Long signal of the Atlas Line was generated. To calculate the profit target, the ATR (Average True Range) was used. The Atlas Line can be set to produce trades based on different open market sessions. For example, you can cause the signals to be focused on the open European and this is possible for the ATO 2 as well. Shortly after the market opens, the ATO 2 will produce signals. Keep in mind, however, that signals are based on completely different principles. It’s a great technique to use multiple systems to confirm trades. You’ll know why if you’ve seen some of our videos.

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