Why You Need Live Practice Data to Become a Pro Day Trader

Practice makes perfect. Day trading is no different. How do you practice trading the best way possible?

  1. Practice using the same professional trading software/platform you intend to eventually use for real-money trading.
  2. Ensure your practice trades are recorded by the platform so you can review your performance later.
  3. Replicate the real thing as closely as possible by using a real-time data feed rather than end-of-day or replaying historical data.
  4. Give yourself ample time to comfortably learn at your own pace. Keep notes about what you learn.

Begin your journey to become a pro trader–become a DayTradeToWin Member

As mentioned in the video, visit the DayTradeToWin home page (see link above), enter your email, and then you’ll receive instructions on how to access the Free Member area. There, you will see all of the instructional videos, downloads, and more. This can be a big shortcut to your trading journey.

So, what trading software/platform provides such a practice/learning environment? NinjaTrader 8. There is no cost for NinjaTrader 8 until you trade with real money. That means you can practice until you are content. If you need help with obtaining the NinjaTrader platform or a data feed, feel free to email us at [email protected].

Once you get the NinjaTrader 8 platform installed, follow the DayTradeToWin steps to plug in live data, view charts, and being practicing. You can find all of this information in the Get Started Trading Guide as well as this reference page.

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