The Dark Art of Market Manipulation: How Traders Profit

Hello everyone! Today is June 3rd, the first trading day of June. In this post, I’ll show you how to make $200 to $300 on each trade using roadmap zones. This method relies on price action, and I’ll guide you through it step-by-step. Let’s get started!

Before we begin, remember that trading is risky. Only trade with funds you can afford to lose. Now, let’s explore how to profit using the roadmap software from Day TradetoWin.

Short Trade Strategy

We’re using roadmap software from Day TradetoWin with an entry price of 5311. These zones are crucial; as the market approaches these zones, it either reverses (signaling a short) or breaks through (signaling a long opportunity). This strategy typically nets four to five points, or about $250, depending on market volatility. We use the Average True Range (ATR) to gauge market strength.

Trade Execution

Place stops just outside the zones or use a pivotal stop. These strategies are covered in our live training sessions included with the roadmap or trade scalper packages.

When the market hits a zone, wait for two consecutive candles that don’t break through before considering a reverse trade. This gave us a short signal around 9:26 AM. If the market retraces and reverses at the zone, it’s another short opportunity, potentially yielding another three to four points.

Following the Market Down

As the market declines, we received a trade scalper signal at 5307.5, indicating another short opportunity. The market either continues through the zone for more shorts or reverses for a long position.

When the market broke through the zone at 5302, it confirmed a continuation downward. Traders in our live trading room, using the same software, can capitalize on these signals together.

Additional Trade Example

At around 10:16 AM, the market entered another zone, got stuck, and began to reverse, signaling another short opportunity. Stops should be placed just outside the zone to protect against reversals.

Understanding Market Manipulation

These roadmap zones are based on market manipulation. Institutional traders often accumulate positions and then dump them to take profits, causing predictable market reactions. Knowing where and when this happens allows us to take advantage.

Final Thoughts

Trading with roadmap zones simplifies the process. There’s no need for complex indicators. We focus on how candles react around these zones with clear rules and structured stops and targets. Time-based stops and market volatility further guide our trading decisions.

Patience is key—one of the four pillars of trading. Wait for clear signals, follow the rules, and manage your trades diligently.


To learn more, join our live trading room or consider our mentorship program, which includes the roadmap, trade scalper, and other tools. Visit Day TradetoWin for more information, subscribe to our YouTube channel for hundreds of educational videos, and start your journey to successful trading with a free member account.

Happy trading!

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